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Our story

A company born from the passion of ancient grains

SPIGHE TOSCANE is a company founded in 2017 by the passion of the founding members for the "ancient grains", ie for those varieties of wheat cultivated until the first half of the '900, which currently see a rediscovery due to their healthy characteristics, the greater digestibility, in the presence of important nutrients, and to the taste of products derived from them, such as that of the past.

It all started on the organic Monna Giovannella di Antella farm, a farm near Florence,(www.monnagiovannella.en) with a prestigious history behind it, to which Spighe Toscane has been linked and of which he immediately shared principles and projects.

SPIGHE TOSCANE has been committed since its inception to work in harmony with nature, to derive its precious fruits, in particular the ancient varieties of grains, through artisanal methods and paying great attention to the high quality and healthiness of the products placed on the market.