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A journey towards a low environmental impact

The first important goal was to create a specific line of organic products, completely natural and of the highest quality, called "Monna Giovannella" and including flour, biscuits, vegetables, pasta and oil.

Hence the next goal is to increase the range of high quality products, both organic and non-certified, but always distinguished by a very high quality and strict disciplinary production that certify full respect for land and the environment. .

It is part of this project the work done by Spighe Toscane as leader of the ancient grains association of Bagno a Ripoli, with whom we try to involve other small businesses, which produce cereals of excellent quality, but that for their small size do not have the opportunity to be known and appreciated by the final consumer market.

Finally, Spighe Toscane would strongly like to become, in a not so distant time, a unique point of reference in Tuscany for the processing and marketing of ancient varieties of grains, and of all the products derived from these.

And, more generally, being recognized as an important garrison, among the first in the Tuscan territory, for the quality and excellence of each product treated and disseminated with its brands.