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The taste of tradition

Spighe Toscana has undertaken since its inception to work in harmony with nature, to draw its precious fruits and turn them into excellent organic products


The company, although young, has a complete line of equipment for the storage, cleaning, processing and transformation of cereals, according to a traditional method, which aims to maintain the integrity and healthiness of everything that is worked .


The installations of the industry allow SPIGHE TOSCANE to integrate the entire supply chain and, already today, a complete machining center, both in fact and in third parties, one of the very few present in Tuscany, a real reference point in the world of ancient grains.

Organic products

The first objective pursued and reached by the company was to create a specific line of organic products, entirely natural, of the highest quality, called "Monna Giovannella" and comprising flour, cakes, legumes, pasta and beer.

The quality

All cereals of SPIGHE TOSCANE and the products obtained from them have the great value of:

be completely natural

do not contain any chemical element or additive

keep all essential nutrients

have the best digestibility and compatibility with our body

taste tasty and full like that of the past

Spighe Toscane is

A sea of gold

Flour obtained from stone grinding

Legumes produced thanks to the agrarian technique of rotation

Organic products